Serving our community together with others works best when we collaborate through picking, packaging,cleaning,cooking,delivering and so on. Massive thank you to all the wonderful, individuals, Organisations and voluntray groups that we work with.

Lockdown measures are still in place. So please stay home, stay safe!

Our History

Our weekly international cultural hot meals and food parcels.

Please help us to continue helping others specially minority within minorities with any little help you can help us with we would appreciate your kindness and thank you so much again and always.

  • Connecting Communities is an initiative founded in Hackney, by proud Londoners.
    Our streets have been home to tragedy due to the rise in knife crime, our society is in a dark and confused in this climate change, corruption, financial breakdowns, brexit, rise in anti-Semitism, islamaphobia and extremism. The news has become a horror movie; we witnessed 15 thousand far right individuals march through the streets of London with nazi salutes. We promised “never again” but hate and discrimination is spreading, all over our city and the world at large. Taxpayer’s money was used to create a lavish welcome visit for a president who called our London mayor a ‘stone cold loser’.
    Behaviour like this and worse has become the norm in our society.
    This leads to isolation, segregation, and communities at a breaking point. What legacy are we leaving for the next generation?

  • Connecting Communities' was born as a solution. A unique way of bridging the gap between communities by bringing people to our various events, programs, showcase days and running various workshops, projects trips to local, national and internationally for both young people and adults. Our programmes and campaigns bring people from all walks of life together and create a positively integrated environment. Our aim is to tackle segregation and encourage community cohesion by embracing integration to celebrate our similarities and appreciate our differences by Connecting All communities through communities’ goals and values whiles we understand our similarities and accept our differences because we are all the same but different differences but the same again because we are all unique individuals who deserves to be respected and accepted in our wider society regardless of our differences or similarities in the end we are all human who bleed the same. Our events allow the communities to stand side by side to respect and accept each other. So we may understand to value and appreciate our cultures, and enhance our community cohesion and create a more tolerant British society.

  • Mission statement: ‘Tackling segregation and community division by embracing common values, communities goals in order to celebrating our differences we need to understand and accept that we are all unique. We do this by providing safe, engaging and cohesive programmes.

    Currently responding to COVID19, which hugely impacted our activities off connecting all communities.

  • Extra language classes for children and adult
    interpreting services
    Cultural understanding and celebrating international cultural diversity
    Engaging communities dialogue
    Annual community events: Street iftar, Homeless dinner.
    Parental involvment workshops,
    Encouraging to Ensure awareness of safety and security in and out of homes, spot the sign
    Active Citizenship programs
    Employment and
    Mentoring support for enterprise, academic, and social
    Advocacy and guidance information services
    Housing and walefare advice
    Intergenerational activities
    Eid in the Park
    Healthy and happiness awarness
    Fitness for fun to be fine (women’s workout and Swimming)
    Environmental awareness,
    Football for all
    Trips to local, national to internationals
    Cooking classes for healthy eating projects
    Social inclusion – tackling Loneliness in our communities.

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Conneting All Communities

1 Atkins Square, Dalston Ln, Lower Clapton, London E8 1FA
0203 633 5550